Bremen TCG Regional Championship 2022
May 28–29, 2022


Welcome to registration for the Bremen TCG Regional Championship 2022!

For complete and up to date information about the Bremen Pokémon Regional Championships 2022, please visit the event website.

If this is your first time signing in to – welcome!
Before you can register, you will need to set up your RK9 profile. Pay special attention to certain fields that are required to register, such as your name, birthdate, country, and your Play! Pokémon Player ID (found on the Play! Pokémon screen of your profile). Video game, Pokkén Tournament DX, and Pokémon GO players will also need to add their trainer name, screen name, and trainer nickname. Other fields may be required for other tournaments.

Tournament details
May 28–29, 2022
Junior division:  €35.00
Senior division:  €35.00
Masters division:  €55.00
(incl. 19% VAT)
Refund policy
No refunds.
Registrations are valid for the named player only, and are not transferable between players and/or tournaments.
Messe Bremen
Halle 5
28215 Bremen
Registration closes
May 28, 2022
08:00 CEST (Europe/Berlin)
Deck list submission closes
May 28, 2022
09:00 CEST (Europe/Berlin)
Tournament starts
May 28, 2022
09:30 CEST (Europe/Berlin)