Play! Pokémon Team Challenge Tournaments

Stores add tournaments every day, so use the Search box to find stores and their tournaments.

Registration for each tournament opens eight days before the tournament, and normally closes one hour before tournament start. Details for each tournament can be found by clicking on the tournament status.

AT Tournaments

Date Tournament City Status
2021-04-18 Sun Siren Games Qualifier 2 Wien Finished
2021-05-23 Sun Siren Games Qualifier 4 Wien Registration open
2021-05-02 Sun Siren Games Qualifier 3 Wien Finished
2021-04-10 Sat Spielraum Tirol Qualifier 1 Innsbruck, Tirol Finished
2021-05-22 Sat Cafe TAUNT Qualifier 2 Liezen, Steiermark Registration open
2021-05-16 Sun SpielRaum Wien Qualifier 3 Wien Registration open
Accepting lists
2021-04-25 Sun Spielraum Tirol Qualifier 2 Innsbruck, Tirol Finished
2021-05-31 Mon Gamers Finest - Card Arena Qualifier 4 Salzburg, Salzburg Scheduled
2021-05-22 Sat Spielraum Tirol Qualifier 4 Innsbruck, Tirol Registration open
2021-05-02 Sun SpielRaum Wien Qualifier 2 Wien Finished
2021-04-04 Sun Siren Games Qualifier 1 Wien Finished
2021-05-15 Sat Spielraum Tirol Qualifier 3 Innsbruck, Tirol Registration closed
2021-05-17 Mon Gamers Finest - Card Arena Qualifier 2 Salzburg, Salzburg Registration open
Accepting lists
2021-06-05 Sat Cafe TAUNT Qualifier 4 Liezen, Steiermark Scheduled
2021-04-11 Sun SpielRaum Wien Qualifier 1 Wien Finished
2021-05-30 Sun SpielRaum Wien Qualifier 4 Wien Scheduled
2021-05-15 Sat Cafe TAUNT Qualifier 1 Liezen, Steiermark Registration closed
2021-05-24 Mon Gamers Finest - Card Arena Qualifier 3 Salzburg, Salzburg Scheduled
2021-05-29 Sat Cafe TAUNT Qualifier 3 Liezen, Steiermark Scheduled
2021-05-10 Mon Gamers Finest - Card Arena Qualifier 1 Salzburg, Salzburg Finished